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A refreshing
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We live in a time where busyness is seen as a badge of honor. Time off can seem like a forgotten or even despised concept. But in this book, you will learn how the deliberate practice of time off will enable you to be your most successful and creative self. Time off and leisure will be the essential skills and competitive advantages that keep you happy and unique.

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A question for you....

Do you feel like there is a better way than just being "busy"?

Do you waste your energy?

If all of your hard work isn't working, it might be worth questioning the common assumption that ‘busy’ = ‘productive’. Your hard work might actually be harming your productivity, as well as yourself.

Are you overwhelmed?

Everywhere we look in nature, including our own evolutionary history, we find balanced cycles of activity and rest. But recently, this balance has been severely disturbed. By intentionally re-connecting your ability to work with your ability to rest, you can find more calm, confidence, and creativity.

Time Off is a book about the immense value in the many practices that allow us to achieve more by doing less, and overall being less overwhelmed and overworked.

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Learn from those who found success with less stress.

The greatest minds in history understood the need for time off. But this is not an outdated concept. Even though most of us seem to devalue it today, time off is as applicable – and essential – now as it ever was, more so even. This book will help you recognize this ancient wisdom and put it into practice.

What's in the book?

Many of the greatest minds in history knew about the importance of time off. But this is not an outdated concept. Even though most of us seem to have forgotten about it, time off is just as applicable (and essential) now than ever. Today, people who are recognizing this ancient wisdom are reaping tremendous benefits from it. The Time Off book covers 4 main topics:


Gather insights into how the future of work involves more time off and leisure.

Instead of an attractive benefit or a reward for hard work, taking leisure and time off seriously will be one of the key factors for both individuals and organizations to thrive.


Reflect on the origins and causes of overworked and
overstressed cultures.

Through most of human history, time off has been recognized as a critical ingredient for greatness. We look at how we ended up forgetting the value of rest.


Meet the people who have recognized time off as a key ingredient for greatness.

We help you find your style of time off by introducing you to a large variety of successful people, past and present, through their stories as well as clear and actionable advice.


Understand the science supporting why time off is crucial for our wellbeing and development.

Rest is essential and this idea is more than just opinion. From chronobiology to sleep science and neurobiology, the value of time off can be found in hard data.

Who is this book for?

While we believe that everyone can successfully implement some forms of time off, we get it, some people have to work three jobs just to get by. And writing a book that everyone will love is tough. So we focused on a few groups that could benefit the most.

Knowledge and Creative Workers

Reevaluate your practices, eliminate distractions, and boost creativity and quality of life.


Are your team's long hours and overworking actually breeding a culture of laziness?


Stop wasting time on non-essential tasks while deluding yourself with the perception of productivity.

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The team behind the book

John Fitch
Max Frenzel
Mariya Suzuki

Co-authors Max and John have both spent time working in software startups where many are worshiping the mantras that are so pervasive in our current working culture. Max got his Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and has been an AI researcher. John is an entrepreneur and startup coach. Illustrator Mariya Suzuki has drawn art for many musicians, food professionals, murals, magazines from around the world, and for strangers at coffee shops. At breaking points in all of their work experiences, they realized that many of the commonly held beliefs aren't useful, but destructive. As a result, they decided to be more intentional and deliberate with their approaches to work and time off. Their quality of work and life have improved ever since, and they now want to share that transformation with others.


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